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For CAP vehicles, general information can be found in CAPR 77-1 and on the ILWG Transportation web page. Emails regarding transportation, which often contain information not published anywhere, are included below.

Email from Robert Taylor on 8 June 2018:

I normally just address my vehicle managers but as we get ready for our CI and a busy summer season I find many issues with Illinois Wing members who have a CAP DL and drive/use our corporate vehicles. 

 As a Illinois Wing member with a CAP DL you are responsible for the safe operation of the vehicle and to correctly enter usage and safety inspection data on the CAPF 73 that is in every vehicle binder. 

When you borrow a vehicle from a unit/vehicle manager you will enter 24hrs usage for each day you have the vehicle under the appropriate category. DO NOT USE THE OTHER CATEGORY for picking up and relocating the vehicle, that entry goes under the category you are using the vehicle for (ADMIN, CADET ACTIVITIES or MISSION SUPPORT) again it would be 24 hrs each day until the vehicle is returned.. These categories are spelled out in CAPR 77-1. 

If you are the first person to drive the vehicle (each day) enter your ID on the safety inspection page on the correct date. If you are the first person to drive the vehicle for the month YOU WILL PERFORM A COMPLETE SAFETY INSPECTION INCLUDING CHECKING THE TIRE PRESSURE and signing the front of the CAPF 73 and enter the date. 

If you are at an activity and asked to drive a vehicle the first thing you will do is look at the vehicle binder to find the CAPF 73. If the vehicle has not been inspected that day perform an inspection and enter your ID on the appropriate date before you drive the vehicle. 

Another very important issue is VAN SAFETY. We have 150 members with CAPDL's in Illinois Wing. I pulled down a report that shows who has taken the Passenger Van Safety Awareness Quiz and Tire Familiarization and Safety Quiz. Only thirty five members with CAP DL's have taken this quiz in the last year. Many of you haven't  taken the quiz in over five years. If you are a unit commander or an activity director I strongly suggest you require any member who drives our vans, especially with cadets to take these online courses. Each course /quiz takes 20 to 30 minutes.

DO NOT USE THE SHELL MASTER CARD THAT IS IN EACH VEHICLE BINDER FOR FUEL UNLESS YOU ARE ON A TRAINING OR ACTUAL MISSION. Follow the instructions in the binder on how to use this card. If at a mission and the finance officer wants you to turn in the receipts for entry into WMIRS. Ask them to copy the receipt and place the copy in the envelope provided in the binder. 

Again as a member who drives a corporate vehicle you are responsible to read and understand the requirements in CAPR 77-1. My transportation page (under logistics) on the Illinois Wing Web Page has a lot of useful information as well as the Vehicle binder in each vehicle. 

I have attached a sample CAPF 73 with the correct entries needed and an explanation of the entries. 

Form 73 Example

Form 73 Example Scenario

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