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New Members Task List

Welcome to our What Do I Need web page. Here new members can find resources to help them quickly obtain the needed rating, qualifications, and uniforms needed to execute desired positions in CAP. We do our best to keep these pages current, but it’s a good idea to consult with Squadron staff to double-check all requirements.


CAP does a lot via email. For this reason, we highly suggest you utilize a dedicated CAP email address that you check DAILY. The Shawnee Composite Squadron provides free Google-based email addresses to all members. Your email address will be For example, John Smith would be This is not automatically set up, but only takes a moment. To request an email address, ask 2nd Lt Votoupal. Note: using a CAP email address is NOT mandatory, but highly recommended. Shawnee email addresses can be checked on your mobile device using the Gmail app.

Whatever email you choose to use should be your primary contact on your personnel file, this will ensure you are listed in CAP email distribution lists correctly.


You’re going to hear a lot about eServices, this is the online system CAP uses for just about everything. eServices contains our personnel information, cadet promotions, missions, and more. Each CAP member, regardless of rank or member type has access to eServices. You must create your eServices account after your membership has been processed, we often refer to this as being “in the system.”

eServices Login Page

Click on “Click Here to Register” on the login page to set up your account.

Level 1

As a senior member, you must complete Level 1 before doing anything else. It’s not difficult, nor time consuming to do so. Level 1 gives you a basic overview of CAP so you can better understand the organization.

National Level 1 Web Page

Level 1 Student Guide

To complete Level 1, you must attend a regular Squadron meeting and discuss Level 1 with a member of the senior staff. Eligible staff members are:

Maj. Evan Youngblood, Squadron Commander
LtCol. Steven Goetz, Deputy Commander for Seniors
1st Lt. Darryl Moses, Deputy Commander for Cadets

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