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How to Get an ILWG Email Address

It has been approved that all active members, Cadets and Seniors, of IL WG can now have an email address. To accomplish this, I have established a new method for creating email addresses. It is not required to have these email addresses.


Individual members are to head over to CIMMS, and sign in with their CAPID, last name and year of birth. From there DO NOT select a mission, instead click on the Home menu and select Request An Email Address. From there members should able to follow the instructions. Members can revisit this same page multiple times to review the email setup information.


The site uses a self signed web certificate so members may get a warning about it not being secure. If they get this message, have them click on Proceed Anyway or Advanced or something like that (depends on the browser). The site also is responsive to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.


Each individual member that wants an email address must do this for themselves.

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